GALVANIZED sheets are continuously hot dip coated with a durable protective coating of zinc and can be formed without flaking or peeling. Stamping, cold drawing, double seaming and brake or roll forming will not impair their protective qualities. Can be welded and soldered. Thicknesses 16 gauge and lighter are lock-forming quality. Thicknesses 14 gauge and heavier are commercial quality. All conform to ASTM A924(formerly A525). Coatings are G90 (minimum .90 ounces per foot) or G60 (light commercial).

HOT DIPPED GALVANIZED is also available on special order in extra heavy coatings, differentially coated, extra smooth surface, coated on one side only, and with various spangle sizes.

GALVANNEALED sheets are heat treated after coating to produce zinc-iron alloy and eliminate the spangle. Can be painted without further surface preparation, except for normal cleaning. May be subject to bending and simple forming without impairing its paintability or corrosion resistance. Particularly suited for sign-boards, metal doors and partitions, truck and trailer bodies, heater and furnace parts, etc. The coating weight is A60 or A40.

GALVALUME is a corrosion resistant sheet, continuously hot dipped coated with an aluminum zinc alloy. For certain applications, it offers a substantial increase in corrosion resistance over G90 galvanized sheet. It can be readily formed, welded and soldered. End uses: appliance and automotive parts, metal buildings and agricultural parts. Conforms to ASTM A792 AZ 50 coating.

ELECTRO-GALVANIZED BONDERIZED sheets are cold rolled steel sheets zinc coated by electrolytic deposition and conform to A591. Should be painted if subject to outdoor exposure. The coating has uniform dull gray matte appearance without the spangles normally present on hot dipped galvanized. The surface has been phosphate treated for immediate paintability. Can also be formed, rolled, or stamped without flaking, powdering, peeling, or cracking. Electro-galvanized sheets have same gauge thickness as cold rolled sheets.