Punching is the process of forming metal components using a punch. The punch is usually the upper member of the complete die assembly and is mounted on the slide or in a die set for alignment (except in the inverted die).

L & L Metal Fabrication and B & S Metal Sales offers a variety of punching services to our customers requiring this type of metal fabricating service. We operate a variety of punches to assist our OEM customers to produce the custom fabricated metal parts their company requires. We use some of the most technologically advanced and efficient punches available and Advantage Fabricated Metals is very competitive.

Punch presses range in capacity from 150 -300 tons.

Our punch speeds range between 1 and 90 hits per minute.

Our punch presses can accommodate metal fabricating
customers’ needs for a bed size up to 36" x 48"
as well as a part size up to 36" x 52".

We can punch metals up to 0.50".

Our presses can achieve a punching accuracy
with very tight tolerances.

We can produce mass production or limited
quantities to fit our customers' needs.