Custom Metal Finishing Services

Grinding a metal part will remove burrs, deep cuts or saw marks. It also prepares the part for polishing. Polishing is a form of grinding that involves smoothing the part so that it has an even and completely flat surface.

The three kinds of grinding we offer are:

Vibratory Grinding

Vibratory grinding helps minimize mechanical surface damage. The metal part is abraded by the repeated high-frequency vibrations.


Tumbling is used to provide a smooth finish on metal surfaces. Rather than being abraded by grit or vibrations, tumbling requires the part itself and a tumbling machine to get the surface shiny and free of imperfections.


Polishing can remove what is left over from grinding, but is very rarely used on its own. Polishing is a less harsh method of smoothing the surface and great to use in conjunction with one of our other finishing methods.